Collaborative Support

"A Community Church In The Community For The Community"

Cathedral of Faith is the lead agency in collaboration with DCS working with children and families in zip codes 38107, 38108, 38112 and now 38127 but not limited exclusively to these areas. We are willing to reach out to all communities and we need your help because no one agency can do it alone.

This partnership will prove that children need their families; families need their communities; and DCS needs community partners such as Cathedral of Faith to adequately meet the needs of children and their families within their community. This union focuses on resolving the issues of child safety and family stability for children that live in the above zip codes. Partnering with DCS provides support to birth families, resource families, as well as children with particular focus such teen boys and girls

As the song states, "I need you, you need me, we're all a part of God's family"; for this reason, we invite you to join us in our efforts to bring child safety and family stability back to our communities.